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ALBA SE Sells Europe Metals Group

Portfolio optimisation continues

+++ Carla Eysel becomes Managing Director of ALBA SE +++ Rob Nansink steps down as Managing Director and administrative board member of ALBA SE as of year-end +++ Cologne. ALBA SE, the listed subsidiary of international...

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Markus Guthoff switches to finance sector

New role after eight years with ALBA Group

Berlin. Dr. Markus Guthoff, Chief Financial Officer at ALBA Group since September 2011, is to take on a new challenge in the finance sector. After a successful restructuring process and a total of eight years with the Group, he...

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Deng family owning Techcent invests in segments “Recycling” in China and “Services” via a family-controlled fund

ALBA Group and Techcent intend to jointly expand business in Asia and Europe

Berlin. The ALBA Group, one of the leading recycling and environmental services companies as well as raw material provider worldwide, seeks to grow its China business and its segment Services jointly with the Chinese company...

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Strategic recycling is driving the shift in raw materials and energy supply

New resources study presented

+++ ALBA Group recycling saved around 5.9 million tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions and 51.8 million tonnes of primary resources in 2015 +++ Brass, zinc, stainless steel and lead included in the study for the first time +++...

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ALBA SE: Positive result despite continuing crisis in the steel market and falling prices for non-iron metals

ALBA SE mid-year financial report 2016

+++ Group generates earnings before taxes (EBT) of EUR 11.7 million +++ +++ Turnover after six months amounted to EUR 491.1 million +++ +++ Management expects a noticeable plus in earnings before taxes up until the end of the...

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Chairman of the Administrative Board Axel Schweitzer: “Successful strategy is to be continued in 2016.”

Annual General Meeting elects new three-member Administrative Board

Cologne. ALBA SE, publicly quoted subsidiary of global waste management and recycling specialists ALBA Group, was back in profit in 2015 and expects to sustain the positive trend in the current financial year. The company...

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ALBA SE delivers further sharp increase in operating income

Annual Press Conference 2015

+ EBITDA up 22.5 percent to EUR 41.2 million with slight decrease in sales revenues by EUR 0.2 billion to EUR 1.4 billion+ EBT improved by EUR 44.2 million despite impairments and – after two negative years – back in positive...

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ALBA Group plans to boost China business and service activities with added capital

Negotiations well advanced – strategy delineated to further intensify growth course

Berlin. ALBA Group has delineated its strategy within the investor recruitment drive to step up the expansion of its China business and domestic market growth. “We want to strengthen our key growth areas of China and the ‘4 R’s –...

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Martin Becker-Rethmann leaves ALBA Group

Change in Board of Directors at Turn of Year

Berlin. Martin Becker-Rethmann, Member of the Board of Directors of ALBA Group, is leaving the Berlin-based international recycling and raw materials firm at the turn of the year. In addition to his Group-wide responsibility for...

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Portfolio optimisation delivers results: ALBA SE boosts earnings despite ongoing difficult market situation in steel and metals recycling

Interim report on the third quarter of 2015

+++ Group generates in the first nine months of 2015 earnings before taxes (EBT) of EUR 26.9 million – an increase of more than 90 percent on the previous year (previous year’s period: EUR 14.0 million) – on nearly 7 percent...

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New study: When comparing ‘primary’ with ‘secondary’, recycling wins every time

ALBA Group & Fraunhofer UMSICHT reveal new figures on resource efficiency

Berlin. Through its recycling activities, the international raw materials supplier and environmental services provider ALBA Group is making a significant contribution to safeguarding resources and protecting the climate. This was...

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ALBA SE expands licensing business in Poland

Further growth in core markets

Cologne/Warsaw. Publicly quoted environmental services and raw materials provider ALBA SE is expanding its licensing business on the Polish market with the acquisition of Warsaw-based Polski System Recyklingu Organizacja Odzysku...

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Reorganisation plan effective - ALBA SE's result clearly positive

2015 mid-year financial report of ALBA SE

+++ Group generates earnings before taxes (EBT) of EUR 16.0 million in the first half of 2015 – which is an increase of 76 percent compared to the year before (1st half year of 2014: EUR 9.1 million). +++ +++ Revenue grows by...

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Patricia Hauswald leaves the administrative board of ALBA SE

Annual General Meeting to Choose Successor

raw materials provider ALBA SE will temporarily have just four members instead of five. With effect from 30 June onwards, Patricia Hauswald, a Tax Consultant who comes from Berlin, took the personal decision to resign from the...

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Berlin-based recycling technology from ALBA is a winning international export

Technical know-how in worldwide demand

Berlin. Berlin is the leading centre for recycling in Germany, and Berlin recycling know-how is now a winning international export. This is because together with two Chinese partners, Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co. Ltd....

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[Translate to English:] Branchen-News in Echtzeit: recyclingnews ganz neu nach umfangreichem Relaunch

[Translate to English:] Top-Branchenmagazin „“ mit noch mehr Service

[Translate to English:] Berlin. Alle wichtigen News der Branche in Echtzeit auf dem mobilen Endgerät. Nach einem umfassenden Relaunch startet das prämierte Online-Branchenmagazin mit einer neuen Version....

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ALBA SE: Pleasing start to the 2015 financial year

Interim report on the 1st quarter of 2015

+++ Group generates earnings before taxes (EBT) of EUR 8.7 million in 1st quarter 2015 compared to EUR 2.1 million in the year before +++ +++ Both segments in the black +++ +++ Market opening in Austria results in sales growth...

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Clear increase of the operating income/ ALBA Group wins biggest order in the company's history

Annual Press Conference of ALBA SE 2015

+++ EBITDA of the SE increases by nearly 29 per cent to EUR 33.7 million with slight decline in turnover by EUR 0.1 billion to EUR 1.6 billion +++ +++ Expenses for restructuring and non-scheduled amortisations on goodwill...

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Recycling specialist ALBA Group is looking for a partner

Family-run company wants to push ahead with growth in Asia

Berlin. The ALBA Group, one of the leading environmental services companies and raw material providers worldwide will be looking for a partner over the next few months. By taking in a minority investor, the family-run company...

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New methodology: How much expenditure on resources really goes into products

Fraunhofer study calculates raw material savings as a result of recycling

How much petroleum or iron ore are required to produce plastics, metals and other everyday materials? And how much can be saved by recycling? Fraunhofer UMSICHT has developed a new method by which for the first time these...

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ALBA SE: both segments end the first six months with positive results

2014 Mid-year financial report of ALBA SE

+ Following losses in the first six months of the previous year, the steel and metals recycling business has recorded profits + EBT for Group up by 60 percent to 9.1 millions euros Cologne. The listed environmental services...

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ALBA Group realigns the strategy of its Interseroh brand / vision of a future without waste

Focus on Waste Prevention & Re-Use

+++ Growth to be based on four columns ++++++ New Management Team ++++Berlin. The ALBA Group, one of the world's leading corporate groups for environmental services, recycling and raw materials trading, is henceforth realigning...

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Patricia Hauswald elected to the ALBA SE

Annual General Meeting 2014

Cologne. At today's annual general meeting of the listed environmental services Provider and raw materials trading firm ALBA SE in Cologne, Tax Consultant Patricia Hauswald (41), from Berlin, was elected as a new member to the...

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Changes at the top management level // ALBA Group reduces its Board of Directors – Joachim Wagner steps down for personal reasons

Berlin. With effect from 30 April 2014, Joachim Wagner (47) is stepping down from the top management level of the ALBA Group and its subsidiary, ALBA SE for personal reasons.  Since 2009, Wagner played a leading role at...

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ALBA SE Annual Financial Press Conference 2014 // Groundwork done to ensure a forward-looking structure for ALBA SE

+ Corporate group interlinks waste management and scrap division and in so doing wants to create a new industrial standard + Costs for restructuring and unscheduled depreciations on goodwill and holdings affect the 2013...

Cologne. In 2013, publicly quoted environmental services provider and raw materials trader ALBA SE successfully completed the groundwork required for the reorganisation of the corporate group. Such was the communication relayed...

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German-Chinese lighthouse project "Sino-German Metal Eco City" // ALBA Group plans construction of first green coal plant in China

+++ Signing of the agreement for participation in the "Green Power" project as part of the meeting of German Chancellor Angela Merkel with new Chinese State President Xi Jinping +++

Berlin. The ALBA Group, one of the world's ten largest recycling, environmental services and raw materials trading groups, has signed an agreement with Zhongde Metal Group Co. Ltd and Guangdong Rising Assets Management Co. Ltd...

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ALBA Group drives internationalisation forward // The ALBA Group’s new export terminal ships raw materials all over the world

Berlin/Amsterdam. Provider of environmental services and raw materials, the ALBA Group, has opened a unique new export terminal in the port of Amsterdam which will enable the company group to market scrap steel and non-iron...

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Interim report on the third quarter of 2013 // ALBA SE announces close collaboration of its steel and metals recycling division and the waste management and recycling business of the ALBA Group

+ Management responds to declining sales and drop in earnings+ Consolidated sales in the first nine months amount to EUR 1,3 billion, EBT EUR 9.47 million Cologne. The listed environmental services provider and raw materials...

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Increasing our international focus: an important step // ALBA Group will be again at the CMRA trade fair

Berlin. From 6 to 9 November 2013, the ALBA group will be taking part in China’s largest trade fair for the non-ferrous metal recycling industry: the International Recycling Metal Exhibition & Trade Fair in the megalopolis...

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ALBA Group publishes new Fraunhofer study and awards climate protection certificates // New study: recycling cuts impact of mining for raw materials substantially

Berlin. The ALBA Group, one of the 10 biggest environmental service companies and raw material suppliers worldwide, saved around 7.1 million tons of greenhouse gases last year through efficient recycling of more than 7 million...

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The ALBA Group builds a new export terminal in Amsterdam // Sale of the INTERSEROH NRW GmbH

Portfolio reorganisation is progressing Berlin/Amsterdam/Dortmund. The ALBA Group which deals with environmental services and the supply of raw materials continues with its announced process of reorganising its portfolio. So...

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ALBA SE counters the weak economy with an efficiency enhancement programme // 2013 Mid-year financial report of ALBA SE

+ Steel crisis and dropping non-ferrous metal prices are depressing Group sales and EBT + China's demand for non-ferrous metals is lagging behind forecasts + Criticism on control over the regulatory statutes of the packaging...

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Shareholders resolve to change from a dualistic system to a monistic system // 2013 ALBA SE Annual General Meeting

The listed recycling services provider and raw material supplier ALBA SE is replacing its Board of Directors and Supervisory Board with an Administrative Board. In today's general assembly in Cologne, shareholders voted with an...

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ALBA Group and Miracle Group expand recycling project in China // ALBA Group advances Asia business

+ Signing ceremony today at meeting between German Chancellor Angela Merkel and the new Prime Minister of China, Li Keqiang+ Car recycling project expanded to include recycling of nonferrous scrap ALBA Group, one of the ten...

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ALBA SE achieves results at the previous year's level // Interim report on the first quarter of 2013

+ EBT slightly above the previous year’s comparative figure + Steel crisis and material shortages cause decline in sales and pressure on margins in the Steel and Metals Recycling segment + Focus set on further...

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Despite the steel crisis: ALBA SE above 2010 levels / Early indicators suggest a recovery / ALBA SE presents its financial statements for 2012

+ Operating EBT drops 6.8 percent to EUR 37.7 million + Consolidated Group sales revenues 12.8 percent lower than 2011 at EUR 1.9 billionThe publicly quoted environmental services provider and raw materials trader, ALBA SE,...

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ALBA Group starts waste management of electronic and hazardous waste in Turkey / Joint venture with Turkish conglomerate INCI agreed

ALBA Group, one of the ten largest groups of companies for recycling, environmental services and raw materials trading, agreed yesterday the joint venture ALBA INCI with the Turkish conglomerate INCI Holding in the context of the...

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ALBA Group expands activities in Turkish scrap metal market / INTERSEROH Scrap and Metals Holding GmbH acquires scrapyards in the Balkans

INTERSEROH Scrap and Metals Holding GmbH, subsidiary of environmental service provider and raw materials trader ALBA Group, acquired the company Reukema Balkan SRL. Thus, the ALBA Group expands its activities in the Balkans:...

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ALBA SE: New board member for international trading / International recycling services provider and raw materials supplier appoints Rob Nansink to Board of Directors

In its meeting today, the Supervisory Board of publicly listed recycling services provider and raw materials supplier ALBA SE (formerly known as INTERSEROH SE), headquartered in Cologne/Germany, has appointed Rob Nansink, 50, as...

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Half-year financial report from ALBA SE 2012: Innovative take-back and circulatory systems further established on the market / European national debt crisis puts pressure on the German secondary resources industry

Adjusted contract portfolio brings a rise in earnings in the Services segment. Revenue for the whole group following the European national debt crisis has lowered slightly to EUR 1,055.00 million (previous year EUR 1,128.25...

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Shareholders decide on rebranding INTERSEROH SE to ALBA SE / INTERSEROH SE: Successful General Shareholders' Meeting 2012

INTERSEROH SE, the holding company of the listed environmental services provider and raw materials trader Interseroh, is getting a new name. In today's general meeting in Cologne, shareholders voted with an overwhelming majority...

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INTERSEROH SE: sales growth despite pressure on margins / Interim report on the first quarter of 2012

Earnings before tax increased slightly / Tonnages in Steel and Metals Recycling segment increased in Germany despite reduced raw steel production / Private consumption allows licensing volumes in the transport packaging market to...

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INTERSEROH SE: Shareholders decide on new name ALBA SE on June 13 / INTERSEROH SE General Shareholders’ Meeting on June 13, 2012 in Cologne

INTERSEROH SE, the holding company of the listed environmental services and raw materials trading company Interseroh, will be getting a new name this year as decided by the Board of Directors. Shareholders will vote on a proposal...

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ALBA Group enters Spanish recycled paper market, takes over paper recyclers Reciclajes DOLAF / ALBA Group pushes ahead with internationalisation

The ALBA Group, one of the world’s leading groups in recycling and raw materials supply, is pushing ahead with its internationalisation strategy and has entered the Spanish recycled paper market. The notarised contract of sale...

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A leap in earnings for the Interseroh Group after the control and profit transfer agreement with ALBA / INTERSEROH SE presents its financial statements for 2011

- The contract with ALBA has already shown an effect in the first year- EBT  rose by over 20 percent (approximately EUR 6.8 million) to EUR 39.3 million- Adjusted sales rose by 22 percent to EUR 2.2 billionThe publicly...

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ALBA Group continues to push forward with integration along the value creation chain / Waste Operations and Trading & Processing segments to be combined into one division

The Board of Directors of ALBA Group, one of the worlds’ leading groups in recycling and raw materials supply, is reorganising the business divisions of its 9000-employee group. The segments of Waste Operations and Trading &...

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INTERSEROH SE: High demand for recycling metals spurs increase in sales and earnings

Earnings before taxes up / market share in Dual System down / sale of raw materials activities to the holding companyThe publicly quoted environmental services provider and raw materials trader, INTERSEROH SE, proved successful...

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Interseroh sells raw materials trading segment to ALBA Group / ALBA Group combines raw materials trading under one roof

The publicly quoted environmental services provider and raw materials trader INTERSEROH SE has sold the companies of its raw materials trading segment to Berlin-based parent company ALBA Group plc & Co. KG. This move has...

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Ready for the Packaging Act: State Minister Franz Untersteller visits the ALBA waste sorting plant in Walldürn

Modern technology for high recycling volumes

+++ District administrator Dr Achim Brötel and Mayor Markus Günther accompany the State Minister +++ +++ Chairman of the ALBA Group Axel Schweitzer: “Private sector Investments are the guarantor for the achievement of ambitious...

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From hospitals to gourmet cuisine: waste management optimisation for food catering facilities

Interseroh and “United Against Waste” start collaboration

Cologne. INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH and the association United Against Waste e.V. have started a collaboration in the area of waste prevention and the conservation of resources. The provider of environmental services and the...

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Proven for the first time: Reconditioning of laptops etc. protects the climate and saves valuable resources

ReUse of IT and communication devices

Cologne. The reconditioning of PCs and notebooks, as offered by Interseroh, makes a significant contribution to protecting the climate and saving natural resources. This has now been proven scientifically for the first time in a...

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Upcycling polyolefins / Interseroh presents Recycled-Resource process

“Future of Polyolefins” 2017

INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH will present its innovative recompounding process Recycled-Resource at the international conference “Future of Polyolefins”, which begins next Wednesday. With Recycled-Resource, the subsidiary of...

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Interseroh opens new centre of competence for recycling plastics

Provider of environmental services invests in its research and development

Cologne. In the city of Maribor in Slovenia today, the provider of environmental services Interseroh opened its new centre of competence for recycling plastics with an opening ceremony. In the presence of the Slovenian Minister...

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AlmaWin and Interseroh establish innovative Procyclen bottle for organic detergent

First recycled plastic to be used in the blow moulding process

Cologne. Natural laundry detergent producer AlmaWin and environmental services provider Interseroh brought out an innovative detergent bottle not long ago, made from more than 95 per cent plastic packaging waste and manufactured...

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ALBA Electronics Recycling Offers Uniform European Safety Standards

Certification in accordance with EU Law

Eppingen. ALBA Electronics Recycling GmbH, a subsidiary of the international environmental service provider and raw materials supplier ALBA Group, has undergone certification at the Eppingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg) and Lustadt...

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Interseroh at the Fakuma 2015

24. Internationale Trade Fair for Plastic Processing in Friedrichshafen

Cologne. The INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH, a subsidiary of recycling specialists ALBA Group, is again represented at the international Fakuma trade fair, which will this year take place in Friedrichshafen from 13-17 October,...

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[Translate to English:] ALBA sichert sich Auftrag von Siemens

[Translate to English:] Siemens Stuttgart setzt auf professionelle Entsorgung

[Translate to English:] Stuttgart/Waiblingen. Die ALBA Stuttgart GmbH, Tochterunternehmen des Umwelt- und Recyclingdienstleisters ALBA Group, übernimmt für die in Stuttgart ansässige Siemens Real Estate, Immobiliendienstleister...

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recycled-resource among the best at German Raw Materials Efficiency Award 2013 // Plastics recycling by Interseroh convinces jury

Cologne. Recycling without limits: INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH, a subsidiary of the environmental services and raw material supplier ALBA Group, is one of the top candidates for the German Raw Materials Efficiency Award 2013...

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Plastics upcycling by Interseroh protects the environment and resources // recycled-resource nominated for German Environment Innovation Award

Cologne. Upcycling by Interseroh: the plastics recycling process recycled-resource developed by INTERSEROH Dienstleistungs GmbH, a subsidiary of the environmental services and raw material provider ALBA Group, has been nominated...

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Interseroh publishes first sustainability report // Strategic goal: Securing and creating value

Today’s International Environment Day sees Interseroh publish its first sustainability report. The report underscores the environment and recycling company’s commitment to sustainable development as a system service provider. The...

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ALBA SE Board of Directors: Decreasing demand for raw materials influencing revenues and earnings / ALBA SE interim statement on the third quarter 2012

EBIT and EBT in the third quarter nevertheless slightly higher than the previous year, though revenue for the first nine months and earnings are lowerDecreased demand for raw materials in Europe continuingAdjusted contract...

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Dallas Mavericks play ALBA BERLIN for the first time ever / ALBA Group raffles four pairs of tickets

NBA premiere of Dirk Nowitzki and his teammates in Germany / basketball highlight of the year on 6 October 2012 in the o2 World  On Saturday, 6 October 2012, the basketball highlight of the year will take place in the o2...

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INTERSEROH Service Italia: New expert for packaging management / Europe’s recycling specialist ALBA Group offers tailor-made packaging recycling and environmental management solutions in Italy

With immediate effect the new company INTERSEROH Service Italia S.r.l. has taken up its activities on the Italian market, offering tailor-made solutions for packaging recycling and environmental management to Italian trade...

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toom Baumarkt introduces paint buckets made almost entirely from recycled plastic in Germany / Interior Paint with a Positive Impact on the Carbon Footprint

Toom Baumarkt (REWE group), one of the leading German DIY-companies, has been offering the first paint bucket which is made almost entirely from recycled plastic. Together with the leading European paint manufacturer J.W....

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