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A long-term commitment to children and teenagers with cancer

Every year in Germany, around 2,000 children and teenagers develop cancer. More than 500 of them will die regardless of treatment, and many more will have to endure the symptoms for the rest of their lives. Countless factors are now known to be capable of causing cancer, and science continues to develop new approaches to treating this all too common disease.

ALBA-Benefizgala zur Unterstützung von KINDerLEBEN

For many years the ALBA Group has been committed to battling cancer through a special foundation set up in 1997 by ALBA founder Franz Josef Schweitzer and a few like-minded people: KINDerLEBEN - Verein zur Förderung der Klinik für krebskranke Kinder e.V. Berlin (the Berlin Charitable Foundation for the Clinic for Children with Cancer). And just a year later, a day clinic opened in the Charité university hospital in Berlin.

Vital research and invaluable support

The foundation has established a research centre dedicated to investigating the causes of cancer and promising new treatments. The ALBA Group also organises an annual benefit gala, where various prominent artists perform for free. All proceeds - which amount to more than 2,9 million euros over a total of 16 years - are donated to the KINDerLEBEN Foundation, which uses them to improve facilities at the day clinic. The funds make it possible to grant many of the children's and teenagers' requests, ranging from new furnishings for the rooms, to books and toys for the younger patients. The Foundation also engages in many other helpful, practical activities - such as setting up home care arrangements for children with cancer. In doing so, KINDerLEBEN helps make life easier for cancer patients, while supporting their recovery.

Account for donations to KINDerLEBEN – Verein zur Förderung der Klinik für krebskranke Kinder e.V. Berlin

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The KINDerLEBEN Foundation, the patients at the clinic for children with cancer and the ALBA Group all thank you for your donation. To find out more about the work of KINDerLEBEN and the José Carreras day clinic at Charité university hospital in Berlin, please visit the Foundation website at (website in German only).