ALBA Electronics Recycling Offers Uniform European Safety Standards

Certification in accordance with EU Law

Eppingen. ALBA Electronics Recycling GmbH, a subsidiary of the international environmental service provider and raw materials supplier ALBA Group, has undergone certification at the Eppingen (Baden-Wuerttemberg) and Lustadt (Rhineland-Palatinate) locations in accordance with the latest requirements of the European CENELEC standards. In accordance with these standards (DIN EN 50625), the entire process chain of the recycling process, including the freedom from hazardous materials of the output material, is examined and certified.

ALBA had the audit performed in accordance with the CENELEC standards for the treatment of electrical and electronic equipment and screen equipment. A particular focus was on the treatment of flatscreen monitors, for which ALBA had developed automated dismounting last year.

"Certification in accordance with CENELEC standards is not prescribed in Germany. Nevertheless, we decided to have such an audit performed voluntarily. We can thus offer our customers the security that we fulfil high quality requirements that are standardised and binding across Europe," says Manfred Fahrner, Sales Director of ALBA Electronics Recycling GmbH.

The European standard series DIN EN 50625 describes the requirements for the collection, logistics and treatment of electronic waste equipment. It is aimed at promoting materials recycling and supporting high-quality recycling processes. It was introduced in order to fulfil the requirements of the European WEEE directive. However, the corresponding implementation of the WEEE directive in German law by means of the Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act (ElektroG) does not contain such an auditing requirement. Accordingly, the European CENELEC standards in accordance with DIN EN 50625 go far beyond the German requirements.