Rudi Recycle – environmental envoy

Promoting resource conservation, battling waste incineration

Rudi Recycle - Umweltbotschafter der ALBA Group

Year after year, millions of tonnes of waste are still sent for incineration - waste that could be processed into new raw materials, helping conserve valuable primary resources.

To raise awareness of the issue in a playful, easy-to-understand way, the ALBA Group has enlisted an advocate from the animal kingdom. Environmental spokesman Rudi Recycle is leading our campaign for more recycling, and calling for an end to the loss of raw materials through incineration. His slogan - "Ich lass mich nicht verheizen" ("Don't burn me out") - is a clear protest against the squandering of raw materials.

You'll find Rudi Recycle wherever the conservation of natural resources is at issue. From the revision of the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz) to the launch of a new recycling container, this eco-conscious duck strikes a chord with young and old alike and is a well-established symbol for a sensible approach to recycling. He features in countless ALBA Group campaigns and in a variety of contexts - as a motif on lorries, for example, or in his own online game.

If you have any questions about recycling or waste management, Rudi has the answers. The ALBA Group's new online wiki is a special guide to recycling, providing advice on all recycling-related questions along with tips for sorting and separating domestic waste.

You too can become an environmental hero in our online game. Help Rudi protect the environment by saving valuable raw materials from incineration.