Used plastic – a versatile material

Trading internationally in plastic recyclates

From PET bottles to PC cases and housing, plastics are the basis for countless industrial and consumer goods. However, crude oil - the key ingredient - is not in endless supply. This is why used plastics are becoming increasingly important as an alternative, resource-efficient source of raw materials. The ALBA Group's recycling experts supply the international plastics industry with recyclates and raw materials, with a view to continuously maximising the value generated from our customers' waste while providing secondary raw materials of a consistently high quality.

An unmixed raw material for the plastics industry


The materials sold by our plastics specialists come from two sources: recyclable household waste and industrial waste. Potential sources include printing houses, car manufacturers and the retail sector, and the processing methods we use vary according to the input material: plastic packaging made from polyethylene (PE) and polypropylene (PP) are processed into type-specific recyclates for the production of further plastics, while polyethylene terephthalate (PET) is turned into flakes for the processing industry. Thanks to modern procedures, it is now possible to adapt recyclates to suit a customer's specific needs in terms of properties like colour, resistance to cold, or flowability. All of which makes this secondary raw material attractive for use in many industrial products and consumer goods.

Innovative process, secondary raw material with new product quality.
ALBA services recycled plastics at a glance

Are you looking for secondary raw materials with very specific properties? Or maybe you're looking to maximise the added value of your waste? We are a capable, reliable partner when it comes to processing used plastics and selling them on the international stage.

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