Top-quality recycled plastics, made to specification

A real alternative to primary raw materials

Plastics do not have to be made using petroleum. The experts in plastics recycling at Interseroh rely on a different feedstock: materials from kerbside recycling collection, for the most part packaging made of polypropylene (PP) and polyethylene (PE). These are used to make high-quality recycled plastics that meets all technical requirements.

Innovative secondary materials

We use ultramodern, high-tech sorting equipment and mature reprocessing technologies. Precision sorting in our advanced facilities followed by sophisticated segregation, degassing and filtration assures exceptional levels of purity for our Recythen and Procyclen plastic granulates. Switching from virgin resin to our material has no impact whatsoever on production processes.


Recythen and Procyclen: Recompounds for every application

Recythen regranulate is characterised by high purity and consistent quality. That has a process-stabilising effect. Recythen is ideal for tough plastic products such as garden furniture, packaging, crates and household items.

Procyclen is a recompound made to customer material quality specifications. It stands out for technical properties such as modifiable flowability, improved impact strength and stiffness, enhanced UV and heat resistance, and variable colouration. Among other things, Procyclen is suitable for packaging, bottle crates, vehicle parts and sportswear.

Toom DIY stores in Germany sell paint tubs made of Procyclen that meet all technical requirements for use as a packaging material for premium paints. Design specialists Curver have produced and made a rapid market success of their own Ecolife range made out of 100% Procyclen.

Innovative, high-quality recycling of plastics from Germany’s Yellow Bin collection scheme:

Cost-efficient and climate-friendly.

Innovative process, secondary raw material with new product quality.
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