Full-service facility management throughout Germany

Bespoke technical and infrastructure services for your property portfolio

We provide reliable and comprehensive management for all asset classes throughout Germany. Whether your need is technical or infrastructure facility management, we put together a service package tailored to your requirements and to the nature of your property portfolio. We also look after your waste management and are available to your tenants around the clock with our service centres.

Technical facility management


In our technical facility management services, we safeguard the operation of all installations with professional maintenance, inspection and repair. By suitably combining preventive and corrective maintenance, we maximise both rental space availability as well as process and cost efficiency.

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Infrastructure facility management


From the management of outside amenities to cleaning and caretaker services, we focus on your indoor and outdoor facilities and contribute to maintaining the value of your property portfolio. Well looked-after properties also ensure customer and tenant satisfaction.

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Waste management


As well as core facility management, our full-service property management expertise also includes waste management. In this way, we are able to put together a fully integrated and custom-tailored management package for your property.

With our waste management services, we analyse and optimise your entire waste management infrastructure. This includes economic analysis of your current waste management situation to identify potential savings. Our staff fully document and analyse your waste storage locations in on-site inspections. We provide you with a comprehensive waste management proposal to optimise your future cost structure.

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Service Center


With our service centre, we provide you with a reliable contact for all urgent tenant needs around the clock. We take calls from tenants and coordinate emergency measures throughout Germany for enhanced building safety and tenant satisfaction. With a growing reserve of expertise to draw on, our service team has developed a process-driven question tree to ensure that every call is properly classified, evaluated and responded to. A comprehensive report is then entered into the system to ensure transparency in terms of property status, costs and tenant satisfaction. In this way, we are able to guarantee reliable, high-quality service geared to the specific requirements of each building.

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