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Packaging licensing and WEEE/battery recycling

Packaging and product takeback and recycling face international producers and distributors with special challenges. They have to comply with European Union directives and regulations as well as national laws in each EU member state. We provide the advice you need and support you in meeting your obligations in all 28 EU member states with regard to packaging licensing and waste electrical and electronic equipment/battery recycling.

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  • One single service provider for the entire EU
  • All billing through a single vendor
  • No complications and misunderstandings due to language

This subsection provides an overview of our full-service European consulting portfolio

Packaging licensing in the EU

Across the 28 EU member states, there are more than 28 relevant bodies of legislation in 20 languages and over 100 different takeback schemes. And the EU does not have a central reporting and registration authority for packaging. This creates a high risk of unintentionally breaking the law and facing fines as a result. Interseroh supports your business with its expertise in packaging licensing throughout the EU, from analysis to operationalising statutory takeback obligations. We provide tailored solutions for every export situation.

Waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and battery takeback in the EU

The EU does not have a central registration and reporting authority for waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) and batteries. National legislation, even though it is based on EU directives, varies from country to country. Interseroh supports you in meeting your obligations in all 28 EU member states plus Norway and Switzerland.

We provide a range of services on your behalf:

  • Selection of the appropriate national takeback schemes based on the types of WEEE and batteries in question
  • Registration with takeback schemes and national authorities (including annual renewal)
  • Full contract management, including correspondence with national takeback schemes
  • Compliance with statutory quantity reporting and any other reporting requirements
  • Settlement with the parties in each country (reverse factoring)
  • Identification and implementation of measures to maintain compliance with the requirements under the EU directives