Smart pooling solutions for reusable packaging

Reusable packaging is the way to a sustainable future

Interseroh’s EU-wide pooling system for reusable transport packaging can deliver significant improvements in transportation, transshipment and warehousing processes. This cuts cost per unit and kilometre, is environmentally friendly and makes for a more transparent supply chain. Retailers, producers, forwarders and processors benefit every day from our reusable packaging, including pallets and plastic crates.


Pallet pooling

Literally the basis of all logistics, pallets are among the most widely used load handling units in the world. Both custom reusable pallets and europallets are designed for multiple use. However, handling them presents logistical, administrative and financial challenges for businesses. Our pallet management service is geared to post-use pallet flows, meaning the handling of empty pallets following the sale of the transported goods. All pallets collected in our national transportation and depot network are inspected (counted, sorted and checked over) and repaired if necessary. Administration is performed using a web-based platform. The cost per trip is clearly indicated for the entire process.

Comprehensive pallet management from a single provider benefits businesses in the form of full pallet inventory control, guaranteed pallet quality and transparent per-trip costs.


Tailored solutions

Instead of basing its reusable pallet service on standardised solutions, Interseroh analyses each customer’s specific needs. Whether you produce baked goods, fruit and vegetables, hygiene articles, apparel or car parts, we have high-quality environment-friendly transportation systems with folding reusable transport packaging or plastic packaging for all merchandise groups.

Automated unique identification, such as by barcode or RFID transponder, means that load handling units can be tracked from producer to customer in real time.

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In its capacity as pooling provider, Interseroh sees to the reliable administration, scheduling and cost-effective management of the reusable packaging pool. The quality assurance system is based around cleaning depots where load handling units are rinsed to strict hygiene criteria and checked for any wear. Intact, cleaned crates and pallets then go back into circulation for the next trip.