Single-use deposit solutions from a single source

Full service for single-use deposit containers, for beverage manufacturers and retailers

Interseroh has a 12-year track record as specialists in clearing and handling beverage containers subject to Germany’s single-use deposit scheme. As a partner to industry and retailing, Interseroh provides the full range of services relating to collection, takeback, counting, clearing and reporting for single-use deposit containers.

Single-use deposit solutions for distributors and retailers throughout Germany


This range of services was launched in response to the mandatory deposit on single-use beverage containers in Germany. Considering that a deposit bottle bought at, say, a filling station anywhere in the country can be returned at (almost) any supermarket anywhere else, it is easy to imagine the size of the data and payment streams successfully handled by Interseroh since 2006.

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Deposits paid on single-use beverage containers, and coupons issued when consumers return them, result in reciprocal claims between distributors and retailers. These claims are settled in clearing. In our single-use deposit solution for retailers, Interseroh settles deposit monies between all market participants.

Single-use deposit containers

For the collection of single-use deposit containers, retailers are provided with special bags and tie-off straps called talons. Each talon has an ID number to ensure that the deposit containers are uniquely traceable. Interseroh picks up the bags via its logistics network at customers’ request and takes them to one of its ten stationary deposit counting centres. The talons are logged at multiple scan points for full end-to-end documentation.

Reverse vending machines

Interseroh looks after the daily German deposit system (DPG) data feed for your reverse vending machines, reads out the quantities collected and sees to the environment-friendly recycling of single-use deposit containers. Additional services include cross-referencing reverse vending machines against retailers in the DPG database, operation logging and machine monitoring.

Mobile counting centre

Interseroh’s mobile counting centre performs the same tasks as a stationary counting centre, but on your own premises. You can have your single-use deposit containers counted and readied for recycling on-site in accordance DPG specifications and without the need for cost-intensive logistics. We document and analyse your key data. If you want to know more about our mobile counting centre, please contact us.

Single-use deposit solutions for distributors


Receivables management

Our full-service package also includes receivables management. We take care of ensuring that the amounts due to you from returns of single-use deposit beverage containers are settled by distributors and their deposit account service providers. We look after the entire payment and document flow as well as debt collection.

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