Transport packaging takeback and recycling

Full service and sustainability with the market leader

For over 25 years, Interseroh has operated sophisticated, national-level takeback and recycling solutions for used transport packaging made of any material: whether it is cardboard, film, expanded polystyrene or strapping tape, and no matter where in Germany the used transport packaging has to be collected. Interseroh organises regular collection from over 100,000 commercial collection points and resource-efficient recycling with a nationwide recycling and logistics network of certified waste management providers.

We help you turn recycling into a competitive advantage


Anyone who places packaging on the market is required to take it back and recycle it to save resources. With the support of Interseroh as your system provider, you have lasting certainty of meeting all requirements. As a producer or retailer, you register your transport packaging in our system for disposal. You no longer need to worry about complicated logistics and the administrative expense associated with disposing of transport packaging. And your customers are happy to see the packaging picked up free of charge.

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