Interseroh commissions second Mobile Counting Centre / Relief of load on retail trade and environment

+++ Flexible solution for single-use beverage containers +++ Innovative concept of INTERSEROH Pfand-System GmbH for single-use beverage containers +++ Optimised logistics: trading companies avoid long transportation routes +++

Cologne. Shorter routes, more efficiency: at the start of this month, Interseroh commissioned its second Mobile Counting Centre (MCC) for used PET deposit bottles and drinks cans in Zarrentin, east of Hamburg. The environmental services provider is thus meeting the need of the retail trade for more flexible structures and optimised logistics. “Our customers no longer need to travel long, inefficient routes to stationary counting centres in order to redeem their deposit money. Instead, we bring the mobile system directly into their vicinity,” explains Claus Jüsten, Managing Director of INTERSEROH Pfand-System GmbH. “Retailers thus reduce their logistics costs and save on greenhouse gas emissions, which are harmful to the climate. In addition, we offer a need-based, streamlined solution for the existing quantities.”

The Interseroh MCC fulfils all the specifications of Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH (DPG) and represents a full-value alternative for trading companies that do not possess their own reverse vending machines and are dependent on external counting centres. Interseroh’s innovative concept is unique on the market: integrated into a lorry with a semi-trailer, the MCC can be used whenever and wherever it is needed. The modern counting and communication technology collects more than 100 empty containers per minute, which are counted, devaluated and compacted on the spot.

“Our first Mobile Counting Centre, which was started up at the beginning of 2016 near Oldenburg, is running very successfully and relieves the burden on trading companies in the region in reliable fashion. This has encouraged us to expand the system further,” says Jüsten. “With our investments in an increasingly flexible network for logistics, counting service, recycling and deposit clearing, we have chosen the right answer to the market development. Additionally, we help our customers to implement the ecologically and economically most sensible solution for their business.”

The new mobile system was enhanced technically with a view to the sorting service in particular. Coloured and white PET as well as aluminium and tinplate cans no longer land in the press container as a mixed “fraction”; rather, they can be collected directly, neatly separated from each other. Thus, nothing further stands in the way of more efficient and higher quality recycling of raw materials.

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