Pioneers in supplying raw materials

A profitable business model with lasting benefits

When ALBA first opened its doors in 1968, reusing old products and materials as a source of raw materials was considered a worthwhile but unrealistic ideal. From day one, ALBA saw waste as more than just a troublesome nuisance, and was quick to invest in technologies for extracting and processing recyclable materials. Even in the very early seventies we were starting to collect, sort and recycle glass, paper and cardboard in Berlin. We created the "Berlin model" - the type-specific separation of materials that's essential for high-quality recycling and now used throughout Germany.

A full service provider with vision


The ALBA Group, one of the leading recycling and environmental services companies as well as raw material providers worldwide, operates with its two brands – ALBA and Interseroh – within Germany, Europa and Asia. In 2020 its divisions generated an annual turnover of 1.9 billion Euros and employed a staff of approx. 8,700 employees. In 2019 alone ALBA Group saved 4.2 million tonnes of greenhouse gases compared to primary production and at the same time 32.3 million tonnes of primary raw materials through its recycling activities.


As a full service provider, we cover the entire spectrum of environmental services, from consultation on waste management, to packaging licensing in markets using the German "dual system", to the provision of dependable recycling solutions state-of-the-art sorting technologies and innovative logistics and product development, waste management and the delivery of raw materials worldwide.

As a family owned and run company, we don't rely on short-term capital market interests. therefore we're able to plan ahead in the long term. Our thinking is market-based and geared towards our customers' requirements - without losing sight of environmental considerations or the needs of future generations.

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Always one step ahead

In the late sixties, we were ahead of our time. Today, reclaiming secondary raw materials through recycling has become the norm in many industries and production processes. The ALBA Group continues to look for ways in which commercial, industrial and household waste can be systematically avoided or returned to the material recycling loop. Step by step, we're moving ever closer to a zero-waste society - and making a significant contribution to the supply of raw materials.



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