ALBA InnovationLAB: 21st century recycling

The digitalisation of the economy and society will also revolutionise waste management and recycling. In response, the ALBA Group has set up the BluehouseLAB at its headquarters in Berlin. Working in collaboration with startups, the lab is there to promote the development of leading-edge technologies, the Internet of Things and new business models.


ALBA aims to be an active driver of digitalisation, as few other companies in the recycling and waste management sectors are making use of digital technologies or currently have pilot projects underway. The company has teamed up with major partners for its digitalisation drive, including Deutsche Telekom, Deutsche Bahn and Plug and Play, the leading startup accelerator based in Silicon Valley.

ALBA InnovationLAB regularly launches new projects to gear recycling to the needs of the 21st century. Examples include trading platforms for raw materials and sensor systems to measure the fill level of bins and waste banks.


Another case in point is the AMCS platform that ALBA is rolling out throughout Germany. This optimises route planning for ALBA’s trucks to make it more transparent, convenient for customers and environment-friendly. Drivers are provided in real time, while on the road, with an optimised route that takes into account the current traffic situation. This cuts congestion and carbon emissions. The next step is to enhance transparency for customers, who will be able to track ‘their’ skip in real time.

A joint project with Siemens, Bombardier and Deutsche Bahn promises a further major advance. All project partners work with Munich-based Artisense, which develops 3D maps for self-driving vehicles. Stereo 3D cameras in six ALBA roll-on/roll-off trucks are used to generate a real-time, machine-readable map of the current road segment. Data is automatically anonymised as a point cloud and added to the map.

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