KiDS: turning a care home into a home

Assuming social responsibility – a model that’s catching on

Lending a hand when people need it the most that's something very close to our hearts and also an expression of social responsibility. We're particularly interested in the well-being of children and teenagers, and in improving their situation.

In September 2003 Interseroh assumed a sponsorship for KiDs, the "City of Cologne Educational Institute for Children and Teenagers" ("Kinder- und Jugendpädagogische Einrichtung der Stadt Köln"). Since Cologne's first volunteers day we have been actively and regularly committed to provide financial and practical help to this Cologne institution.

The aim of all these activities is to turn the care homes into real homes for the children. Which is why, as well as improving their living environment and learning opportunities, we've also given plenty of attention to leisure activities. Interseroh employees have supported spring and summer parties at the care homes, organised visits to the nearby Phantasialand amusement park, funded tickets to public swimming pools and got hold of tickets to local football (1. FC Köln) and ice hockey matches (Kölner Haie - the "Cologne Sharks").

Right from the start, our employees felt a special affinity for this sponsorship. Many have volunteered to improve the areas around these children's homes - creating flowerbeds and gardens, building sandboxes and barbecue areas or donating items. We also provided the homes with refurbished computers complete with the latest software, as well as printers and monitors.

A partnership that's making waves


Projects like these are developed in consultation with the management of the care homes, ensuring that our involvement really does benefit the children. Interseroh benefits too – because this collaboration reinforces team spirit, helping our staff identify more closely with the company. By now even quite a few of our customers also support the children in care.


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