Specialists in stainless steel

Alloy scrap: pooled efficiently, sold internationally

Whenever special demands are placed on materials - where they need to be corrosion resistant, for example, or to offer high levels of elasticity or electrical resistance - the industrial sector looks to stainless steel. To change the physical and chemical properties of steel, a variety of alloy metals can be added during production, including chrome, nickel or cobalt. Interseroh supplies various types of alloy scrap to extremely high quality levels.

Handel mit legierten Schrotten

Stainless steels and special alloys to meet the customer's needs

From production waste to old sinks, tanks and containers and fittings, the stainless steels and special alloys available from ALBA Group companies are pooled efficiently and marketed internationally. Interseroh expertly processes the material at its facilities in the Ruhr region of Germany, in line with each customer's specific requirements. In terms of logistics, the company has excellent sea, road and rail connections and is therefore able to respond to customers' requests quickly, flexibly and reliably.

Interseroh is an expert, reliable partner for trading internationally in stainless steels and special alloys - to find out more, just get in touch.

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