Residual waste – nothing is worthless

Recycling concepts at the end of the value creation chain

Used tyres, bulky waste, old rugs and carpets - the complex nature of various everyday objects calls for specialist waste management solutions. Working with waste disposal partners, ALBA Group specialists have devised a range of procedures for the environmentally friendly processing of residual waste, producing marketable recycled materials suitable for use in areas such as road construction or the energy industry.

Rohstoffhandel mit Reststoffen aus Sperrmüll & Co.

Tapping into unused potential

For example, we dispose of used tyres on behalf of garages and car workshops. In principle, there are two ways of dealing with these: they can be ground up into a fine granulate, which is mixed in with tarmac to construct silent roads, or sent to the shredder. The high fuel value of this shredded material makes it ideal for energy generation in power plants. Much the same applies to the recycling of old rugs and carpets: we collect bedside rugs, regular rugs and other carpeting items and sell them on to substitute fuel producers, who turn them into high-quality replacements for primary fuels like oil and gas.

Bulky waste is sorted according to the materials it contains: wood, metal or plastic. After processing, these are returned to the recycling loop as valuable secondary raw materials, and whatever remains is sent for thermal recycling. Thanks to extensive back-up plants for waste incineration, our waste management specialists can ensure that incineration is carried out correctly and in line with statutory environmental standards.

The specialists at the ALBA group turn residual waste into valuable materials for road construction, energy generation and more. If you are interested, or are looking for a cost-effective alternative to primary raw materials, just get in touch.

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