High-quality on-site waste disposal

Non-stop recycling

Whether at manufacturing plants, operating sites or across a network of workshops - the demands placed on commercial waste disposal are rising constantly. Now here's the good news: the majority of production and business processes offer considerable potential for waste minimisation. Pollution can be reduced and costs cut significantly by performing a detailed analysis of on-site material and waste flows and implementing tailored disposal concepts. ALBA Group companies offer a certified range of disposal services to improve the efficiency of in-house waste management and help businesses develop new, profitable recycling options.

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Full speed ahead in the manufacturing plant

One particularly successful case study is the Volkswagen automobile parts factory in Braunschweig, Germany. Since 2004, workers at this plant have included several ALBA personnel, working two shifts and dealing with plastic production waste. In addition to waste from start-up material and casting sprues, defective plastic parts are found in dashboards, centre consoles or glove boxes. Once separated, the recyclable materials are sorted and disassembled, then shredded and ground up by quality-controlled subcontractors - creating a pure secondary raw material.

The recycling loop runs even more smoothly in the Wolfsburg plant, where ALBA operates an in-house recycling channel for plastics. After sorting, the parts are shredded on-site and ground up into recyclates, which are then fed back in to the production process. In recent years, Volkswagen has continuously increased the proportion of recyclates used in the production of new cars, demonstrating the long-term impact of zero-waste procedures.

ALBA Group companies have built up a reputation as expert, trustworthy partners in the field of on-site waste disposal in both retail and industry. If you would like to learn more about our outstanding services, please contact us.

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