The trend for customised pooling solutions

Boosting efficiency throughout the supply chain

In the interest of reducing waste, cutting costs and becoming more environmentally friendly, more and more companies are changing their transport logistics, shifting from one-way to multi-way. With the Europe-wide multi-way pooling system offered by Interseroh Pool-System GmbH, an ALBA Group company, transport, packing and storage processes can be streamlined considerably, cutting unit and mileage costs, and increasing transparency across the supply chain. A tightly knit logistics network ensures that all a company's sites can be reached in good time.

Mehrweg-Pooling von Interseroh

Made-to-measure solutions

Interseroh Pool-System GmbH may not have invented multi-way pooling systems, but the company has made them more customer-oriented. Instead of standardised solutions, it employs multi-way concepts tailored to the needs of individual companies in retail and industry. Whether baked goods, meat, and fruit and vegetables, or toiletries, textiles or vehicle parts - high-quality, environmentally friendly transport systems with folding multi-way packaging or plastic pallets are available for all product groups. Interseroh can also help customers develop tailored loading aids that fit perfectly into their in-house supply chain. In the food sector, Interseroh takes particular care to ensure adherence to strict hygiene standards. Load carriers are automatically identified by means of bar code, data matrix or RFID transponders, making it possible to chart their location at any point in the journey from supplier to recipient, and follow their progress in real time.

As your partner for pooling, Interseroh provides reliable administration, planning and cost-optimised management of the multi-way pool. Our cleaning depots are central to our quality assurance process. Here, after the sale of the goods, boxes are washed in accordance with strict hygiene criteria and checked for possible wear and tear, for the purpose of inventory control. Only carriers that are intact and free from residue will be re-used in the next transportation. Any boxes that fail to meet the standards of the particular supply chain are removed and sent for recycling - preserving the momentum of the recycling loop.

Multi-way pooling from Interseroh Pool-System GmbH offers both economic and environmental benefits, improving the performance of your supply chain and minimising your environmental impact. If you would like to enjoy greater transparency and cost-efficiency, please get in touch.


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