Construction waste goes into the crusher

Robust machinery for granular secondary raw materials

Dust formation, stone shards, bulky chunks of concrete - when it comes to construction waste, recycling facilities must meet the highest standards in terms of technology, safety and environmental impact. From crushers to sorting plants, the machinery used by ALBA in this field is robust in design, and specifically tailored to the processing of building waste.

Recycling-Technik für Bauabfall und Bauschutt

End-to-end recycling using a mix of technologies

In general, construction waste and mixed waste are sorted on the building site, and then dispatched to the ALBA processing plants in containers. The crusher plants grind up broken concrete and pieces of rock to produce a uniformly granular secondary raw material, which can be reused in underfloors, for example. To process mixed construction waste, specialised sorting plants use sieves, sorting conveyors and near-infrared scanners, in addition to manual final inspections, to ensure that all recyclable materials are reclaimed in full.

All ALBA plant and machinery is designed to ensure that emissions of dust, debris and fine particles are minimised in accordance with the strict legal requirements - by using so-called 'atomizers' and fabric filters, for example. As well as reducing plant wear and tear, this enables construction materials of all kinds to be processed in an environmentally sound, legally compliant manner.

ALBA uses high-performance plant equipment to sort and recycle construction waste safely and efficiently. If you would like to know more about our concrete processing technology, please get in touch.

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