Leading by example: a paper sack recycling plant

Closing the paper fibre recycling loop

For more than 20 years, REPASACK GmbH, part of the ALBA Group and the operator of Europe's only paper sack recycling plant in Oberhausen, Germany, has been providing efficient paper sack recycling services.

Papiersack-Recycling: Verwertungsanlage der REPASACK GmbH

Cleaning, shredding and compressing paper

In this recycling plant, empty kraft paper sacks are shredded and cleaned using a so-called 'dry-mechanical process', which filters out over 95 per cent of the remaining deposits of the transported goods from the fibrous material. These deposits are collected in a filling station and grouped by type, then disposed of in an eco-friendly way - for example, they might be used to generate energy in power stations. This dry-mechanical treatment is not used on sacks that have been filled with hazardous substances or goods that leave behind stains. These sacks are treated separately, and sent for thermal recycling.

Once the remnants of the transported goods have been removed, the shredded and cleaned paper fibres enter a compactor, which compresses them into balls weighing 350 kilos each. Finally, these balls are transported to the product warehouse using fork lift trucks. This is where the recycling loop ends: the paper fibres are used as secondary raw materials in the paper industry, and may, for example, end up being used to make new kraft paper sacks.

REPASACK GmbH, an ALBA Group company, operates Europe's only cleaning plant for paper sacks in Oberhausen, Germany - producing high-quality secondary raw materials. If you would like more detailed information about our plant technology for recycling kraft paper sacks, please get in touch.


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