Pooling systems: where avoiding waste trumps recycling

Making used plastic crates good as new

In the five-tier hierarchy for waste, as set out by the German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz), complete avoidance is at the very top - and this is the approach adopted by Interseroh with its multi-way pooling system for plastic crates. Used crates are processed at two specialised cleaning depots, and emerge ready to transport goods of all kinds.

Pooling-Anlage der ALBA Group

Injecting speed into the recycling loop

The machinery is fast, but extremely thorough. Used crates are registered, then stacked and transported to the pooling plant. Damaged parts are identified by a scanner, removed from the conveyor belt and sent for repair. All intact crates then pass through an extremely fast high-pressure rinsing and drying process, making them completely free of any contaminants or moisture. Once cleaned, the crates fulfil the strict requirements for the transportation of foodstuffs. They are collapsed, stacked and wrapped in film, ready for use in the food industry.

The pooling plant is a cleaning and distribution hub: after the cleaning process, all containers are dispatched to the correct destination centrally and securely via the multi-way pooling system.

All plastic crates that pass through our multi-way pooling system are processed in the pooling plant. The high-speed cleaning process used by Interseroh leaves the crates ready for reuse in the food industry. If you would like to know more about our cleaning and distribution system, please get in touch.


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