Scrap wood: from tables to chipboards

Shredding wood in line with market requirements

Kitchen cabinets with woodworm, worn-out sofas, damaged railway sleepers - Germany generates several million tons of scrap wood a year. To promote correct recycling, the German Waste Wood Ordinance (Altholzverordnung) specifies that such material must be sorted and processed according to how clean and free of harmful substances it is.

Altholz-Recycling in einem Holzkontor der ALBA Group

Powerful shredding

To prevent the loss of any recyclable materials, ALBA uses its specialist expertise to ensure the professional separation and shredding of scrap wood. Beams, floorboards and the like are pre-sorted into containers and sent on to in-house high-performance wood processing plants. Here, the key role is played by shredders - robust machines with high-speed engines that break up and chop the scrap wood into marketable pieces. The raw material is then processed further in an environmentally friendly way and returned to the recycling loop. In this way, ALBA is helping to conserve fossil fuel resources and contribute to a sustainable supply of raw materials.

ALBA ensures the correct separation, sorting and shredding of scrap wood that might, for example, be categorised as bulky waste. Our high-performance shredders break the material down and prepare it for recycling. If you would like to know more about our wood processing machinery, please get in touch.

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