A ray of hope for fluorescent tubes and energy-saving bulbs

Collection boxes – a shortcut to recycling

Interseroh, an ALBA Group company, provides a convenient service aimed at saving consumers a trip to the local recycling plant: the Interseroh collection box is designed especially for taking back illuminants in small and medium quantities. Retailers and manufacturers set up these inexpensive boxes in their sales and storage areas, allowing end users to dispose of used illuminants in-store when purchasing new ones. In addition to the collection of tubes, bulbs and other lamps, the service also covers their recycling and documentation.

Recycling von Leuchtstoffröhren und Energiesparlampen

Collection made easy

Collection boxes are available for different types of illuminants. Once a box is full, a quick phone call is all that is needed to arrange for it to be picked up. The entire take-back and disposal process is handled by Interseroh, in close collaboration with service partners throughout Germany.

Are you a consumer or retailer looking to dispose of small or medium quantities of used illuminants? Are you looking for a convenient, environmentally friendly take-back solution? Interseroh collection boxes are a professional system for recycling fluorescent tubes, energy-saving bulbs and LED modules. To find out more, please get in touch.

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