Recycling retail packaging

Systematically meeting all obligations

The German Packaging Ordinance (Verpackungsverordnung) creates obligations for manufacturers and retailers: it requires all parties originally bringing retail and product packaging into circulation and to collect it from private households or similar locations such as restaurants, and to see that any recyclables are correctly recycled. The ALBA Group provides a comprehensive range of services to help with this.

Rücknahme von Verkaufsverpackungen

Industry-specific solutions

As an alternative to registering with a dual system, manufacturers or retailers can also use industry-specific solutions under certain circumstances. This applies in the case of used packaging accumulated at locations such as hospitals, educational institutions, workshops, hotels or catering companies. Often, the composition of the waste at these sites makes an industry-specific solution more suitable for collection. Interseroh offers a bespoke solution: the packaging is collected from sites in a way that suits the relevant sector, and then recycled in an environmentally friendly manner.

Drinks bottles and cans

In Germany, consumers can return drinks packaging wherever comparable packaging is sold, provided they paid a deposit at the time of original purchase. The ALBA Group has a nationwide system for dealing with this process, taking over the full range of responsibilities for drinks manufacturers and retailers - including take back, recycling, data management and repayment of deposits. This creates added value for our customers, for consumers and for the environment. And our recycling specialists guarantee reliable compliance with all the latest legal requirements.

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