Small electronic devices: take-back made easy

ELECTRORETURN – recycling by post

Compact devices are cool. In the space of just a few years, mobile phones, MP3 players and the like have become must-have everyday accessories. But there's a downside: in Germany alone, tens of millions of faulty or old devices lie tucked away in drawers - a massive reserve of recyclables brimming with potential.

Recycling per Post: Elektro-Kleingeräte

But in addition to valuable metals, electronic equipment can often contain harmful substances - which is why disposing of them along with regular household waste is prohibited under the EC Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. Instead, end consumers must hand in their used appliances at designated collection points.

To facilitate the correct disposal of small electronic devices, the ALBA Group and Deutsche Post offer a take-back system known as ELECTRORETURN. At, consumers can download a free postage label and use it to send old mobile phones and other small electronic devices that fit into a DL A4 envelope - electric razors, for example - for recycling, free of charge. Envelopes bearing this label can be placed in any post box for delivery to ALBA Electronics Recycling GmbH , the ALBA Group's e-waste recycling specialist. At the ALBA Electronics Recycling GmbH site in Lustadt (Rhineland-Palatinate), the devices are processed and recycled in an environmentally friendly way using in-house facilities that are audited regularly by the relevant authorities.

Do you want to dispose of your old small electronic devices in a convenient, environmentally friendly way? Or maybe you're a manufacturer or retailer, and would like to provide a pioneering take-back system for your customers? Then ELECTRORETURN is the right solution for you - just get in touch.

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