Taking back transport packaging

Protecting the environment through teamwork

Cardboard packaging, paper sacks and wrapping film make it easy to transport valuable goods from manufacturers to retailers' warehouses, safely and securely. But packaging materials only remain in warehouses for a short time: under the German Packaging Ordinance (Verpackungsverordnung), any party who brings transport packaging into circulation is also responsible for taking it back and recycling it. This creates a demand for professional recycling systems, so that companies can meet their obligations while protecting the environment.

Rücknahme von Transportverpackungen

The quick and easy way to recycle

Using a tightly knit network of service partners, Interseroh, an ALBA Group company, is able to pick up transport packaging from any location in Germany, wherever it accumulates. From on-site collection through to recycling materials in the correct way, Interseroh has optimised the entire process. For example, shipments are carefully coordinated and, where possible, integrated thereby streamlining logistics and minimising journey times.

Recycling solutions for paper sack

From seeds to cement to flour - paper sacks are a safe way to transport a wide range of substances. The ALBA Group offers an efficient take-back system for used paper sacks: the REPASACK system. ALBA experts accept empty paper sacks at several hundred collection points throughout Germany, and recycle them in an in-house cleaning plant. The end result is valuable secondary raw materials, suitable for reuse in the paper industry.

Interseroh is the market leader in environmentally friendly recycling solutions for transport packaging. If you're looking for a professional take-back system for paper sacks, pallets and other materials, please get in touch.


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