Integrated expertise in the Service Centre

Solving problems 24/7

A faulty fuse, a jammed front door, a fallen branch - accidental damage or emergencies can happen in and around properties at any time. When they do, tenants need a contact that is always available and can offer immediate advice and assistance. The ALBA Service Centre takes calls from tenants around the clock, wherever they are in Germany - setting up and coordinating all the necessary emergency measures and providing end-to-end damage management.

Service Center - gebündelte Expertise

Transparency for tenants and landlords alike

With an ever-growing reserve of expertise to draw on, our facility services team has developed a process-driven questioning technique that makes sure every enquiry is allocated to the appropriate team member before being evaluated and answered. A comprehensive report is then drawn up, to ensure transparency in respect of the property's status, the costs incurred and tenant satisfaction. In short, ALBA and its experts guarantee a reliable, high-quality service that's geared towards the specific requirements of each building.

The ALBA Service Centre is a reliable contact for all urgent tenant queries relating to your property. We handle damage assessment and emergency management throughout Germany - and that means safer buildings and more satisfied tenants. If you are interested in learning more about our expert 24-hour service, please get in touch.

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