On-site experts in technical facility management

Smooth operations through expert maintenance

Electronics that are in good working order, clean pipes and drains and robust, leak-proof exteriors - properties must meet a variety of technical requirements to be used efficiently. ALBA can develop tailor-made technical concepts for any type of property, with experts providing maintenance, inspection and repair work to ensure that all the building's installations are working properly.

Technisches Facility Management

Scheduled safety checks

To ensure safety and the smooth operation of all technology, the Facility Solutions Team carries out regular building inspections and leak tests, examining and evaluating buildings in line with relevant industry criteria. ALBA also handles key construction and repair work, such as building conversions, the renovation of vacant properties or minor repairs across all areas, including sanitation and heating systems, electrics, locks and carpentry.

Are you looking for a service provider to monitor and maintain your properties and their systems and technology? ALBA offers technical facility management services to ensure the smooth, cost-effective operation of your buildings. We're always happy to help - so please get in touch.

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