Product responsibility through licensing

Gathering and recycling materials systematically

The German Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act (Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetz) creates obligations for manufacturers and retailers in respect of a wide range of goods: anyone who puts packaging, electronic appliances and other such items into circulation is also responsible for taking back the resulting waste from end consumers. There is also an obligation to recycle materials in the correct way, i.e. with minimal impact on the environment and future generations.

Lizenzierungen im Rahmen des Kreislaufwirtschaftsgesetzes

Efficient processing requires a detailed knowledge of waste law and professional management. With a comprehensive range of services, ALBA and Interseroh assume responsibility for recyclable materials generated by companies, institutions and organisations, with experts coordinating all the material flows within the recycling loop, pool data and documenting all activities to prove that every customer is in full compliance with legal requirements - either within the German "dual system" or in the form of industry-specific or customised take-back solutions.


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