The REPASACK system – an end-to-end service

The eco-friendly way to recycle paper sacks

Paper sacks are a perennial favourite. No other form of transport packaging is so popular among manufacturers of construction materials, animal feed, foodstuffs, seeds or chemicals. But after these sacks have been used, the party responsible for bringing them into circulation is under a legal obligation to take them back and ensure they are recycled, as with any other packaging type.

REPASACK - Papiersack-Recycling

A "return ticket" for paper sacks

The REPASACK system is comprehensive service for dealing with used paper sacks in Germany- from recording flow rates and organising recycling through to the extraction of valuable secondary raw materials. The REPASACK symbol, a registered trademark, is used by the parties filling the paper sacks to document the fact that their sacks have been admitted to the system, and that they are fulfilling all statutory provisions in terms of take-back and recycling. Customers have two choices: to pay for this waste management service each time they purchase paper sacks, or to sign a direct contract with REPASACK.

The ALBA Group is a certified waste management specialist, and operates Europe's only cleaning plant for paper sacks carrying the REPASACK symbol. Spot checks are carried out regularly on incoming material to ensure the plant only processes waste from participants in the system. This is where the recycling loop ends: the cleaned secondary fibres can be used to manufacture new paper sacks at a later date.

The REPASACK system is an environmentally friendly system for collecting and recycling paper sacks. Are you looking for a service contractor to assume responsibility for your legal take-back obligations? If the answer is yes, please get in touch.


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