Efficiently organised take-back systems

A one-stop registration and notification service

With consumer electronic devices becoming increasingly common in our everyday lives, e-waste is on the rise. And that means more and more materials need recycling at the end of the product life cycle in accordance with the provisions of the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act. To monitor the volume of electrical and electronic equipment in circulation, all parties introducing them must register with the German Used Electronic Appliances Register (EAR).

Lizenzierung und Rücknahme von Elektroaltgeräten

Expertise strengthens the material recycling loop

The German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act requires manufacturers and retailers to take back used electronic appliances at the end of their useful life and recycle them in an environmentally friendly manner. This creates the need for an end-to-end service, which is why ALBA and Interseroh arrange for the materials to be collected wherever they accumulate, and then recycle them in plants that meet the latest environmental standards.

The ALBA Group's electronics recycling specialists coordinate the volumes of customers' used electrical and electronic appliances, and arrange for them to be taken back and recycled. If you're bringing electronic equipment into circulation, please get in touch.

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