Recycling e-waste efficiently

Good for the environment, good for consumers

When TVs, refrigerators and microwaves reach the end of their useful life, the German Electrical and Electronic Equipment Act requires consumers to take these and similar appliances to special collection points. This is because e-waste often contains harmful substances like lead or mercury. In addition, it is possible to extract valuable secondary raw materials from these recyclable materials.

Elektroschrott: Fernseher und TV-Geräte

Services tailored to customers' needs

There are various models for the correct, environmentally friendly disposal of e-waste. One involves establishing collection points for old electrical and electronic equipment, such as household appliances, entertainment and IT devices and electric tools. After they have been handed in, goods are transported to specialist waste management facilities. Following the removal of any harmful substances by experts, they are then processed. This involves type-specific sorting using state-of-the-art technology, followed by professional recycling. The secondary raw materials extracted offer a high degree of purity and consistent quality, so they are then returned to the recycling loop.

End consumers can also use ELECTRORETURN, a cooperative venture between Deutsche Post and the ALBA Group that allows them to post used appliances weighing up to one kilogramme for correct disposal. The service is free of charge, and eliminates the need for a trip to a collection point.

Would you like to dispose of your used electronic appliances in a convenient, environmentally friendly way? Just get in touch to learn more about our range of pioneering take-back solutions.

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