Collecting recyclables – closing recycling loops efficiently

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A recycling container makes a key contribution to environmentally friendly waste management and efficient recycling in that it allows packaging waste and non-packaging waste made from similar materials to be collected from urban locations and disposed of together. This enables more valuable resources to be collected by material type and sent for correct recycling than with the classic "Gelbe Tonne" ("Yellow Bin"), which is used to collect lightweight packaging from households in Germany. And the ALBA Group's experts offer comprehensive support for local authorities in all issues related to the collection of recyclables.

Wertstofferfassung über die Wertstofftonne

Working in close cooperation with local authorities, our recycling specialists have already established a number of successful recyclable collection systems. Thanks to the use of these recycling containers in various towns and cities across Germany, many kilograms of materials that would otherwise end up being incinerated are collected and returned to the recycling loop as valuable secondary raw materials. The ALBA Group is an experienced partner for local authorities, and can also use its experience and expertise to support local authorities in the introduction of this recycling container across Germany.

We offer groundbreaking models for collecting recyclable materials. If you're a local authority looking for an experienced partner to help you implement an innovative collection and recycling system, just get in touch.

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