School students – the specialists of the future

Vocational training – the foundation for professional success

Our apprentices are the specialist staff of the future. For any school-leaver, the key requirement for a good job and a successful future is first-rate vocational training, which is why the ALBA Group attaches such importance to training up tomorrow's specialists. The training on offer covers a wide range of occupations in a variety of departments within the ALBA Group, focusing mainly on practical relevance and high quality standards. Right from the start, apprentices are involved in the day-to-day business and current projects of each respective department - the ideal preparation for potentially working in challenging areas of responsibility.

Detailed information about apprenticeships or sandwich courses within the ALBA Group can be found by clicking on the appropriate key words. Take a look at first-hand accounts from apprentices and students at the ALBA Group about the experiences they have had.


Every year, around 85 young adults start their vocational training at the ALBA Group. This will usually last three years. We place particular emphasis on providing uniform, high-quality training throughout Germany, in every ALBA Group subsidiary and location. The chances of being taken on after training are excellent: in general, around 75 per cent of apprentices are offered a job within the Group in any given year. We intend to keep raising the number of available apprenticeships, giving young people an entry point into a job with the potential to turn into a career and thereby providing them with long-term professional prospects.

The average length of an apprenticeship is three years, beginning either in August or September in any given year. Alongside their operational training, apprentices attend a vocational school, where they are introduced to a range of vocational disciplines and taught theoretical knowledge - the ideal preparation for the jobs they will go on to do.

Sandwich courses - setting high standards for your career

Passed your general higher education entrance qualifications (i.e. Abitur, A-levels or the International Baccalaureate) and brimming with enthusiasm for the next exciting chapter of your life? Eager to put everything you've learned to practical use? What better way to start your career than to start a sandwich course at the ALBA Group in a high-growth, dynamically developing market.

The aim of a sandwich course is to prepare capable school-leavers for the wide range of occupations available within the ALBA Group. During this three-year course, students receive support on a subject-specific, practical and financial level from the ALBA Group. They receive practical training underpinned by a strong theoretical basis in an attractive work environment. Courses start on 1 October each year.

Theory and practice are closely intertwined on our sandwich courses. You will work in a variety of departments within the ALBA Group, allowing you to make direct use of the knowledge you have acquired. You will gain insights into our day-to-day business and take part in challenging projects. In the process, you will begin to specialise in your future field of activity and build up useful networks of contacts.

Extra expertise thanks to advanced training

Supplementary training at the ALBA Group is geared particularly towards promoting expertise in project and conflict management, with tailored advanced training activities and workshops. There are also regular feedback sessions, giving you a chance to check your own progress and work on your personal and professional development.

When working on your final thesis, you will receive expert advice and support from the department supervising your progress. A sandwich course at the ALBA Group will always be firmly rooted in practice, making it an excellent foundation for a highly promising professional career.

The ALBA Group cooperates with prestigious universities throughout Germany, allowing students on our sandwich courses to choose from a wide range of degree courses and locations. All you need to do is decide where your interests lie, cast an eye over the available courses - and join the ALBA Group family as a student specialising in

  • Business studies/Facility management
  • Business studies/Industry
  • Business studies/Shipping and logistics
  • Business studies/Service management
  • Business studies/International business management
  • Business studies/International commerce
  • Engineering
  • Design and manufacture