Recycling: We create value from waste

Reprocessing for a sustainable supply of materials

Waste cannot always be avoided, and not everything can be reused. Recycling is also needed – to reprocess residual waste, recover as much material as possible, and give it a new lease of life.


The companies in the ALBA Group use advanced recycling methods to provide industry with a sustainable supply of key raw materials.

Smart recycling is the ALBA Group’s core business. Recycling saves resources, prevents climate-damaging greenhouse gas emissions and significantly reduces industry’s dependence on primary raw materials.

Modern recycling technologies ensure a sustained output of high-quality secondary raw materials for the global market. By dismantling end-of-life vehicles, reusing waste wood, reprocessing waste electrical and electronic equipment and recycling plastics, we create value from waste. And with upcycling, we find new, even better-quality uses for waste materials.


Construction materials

From rubble to raw material

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Used glass

The ultimate recycling material

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Waste wood

Using renewable resources sustainably

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Waste paper

Recyled locally, sold globally

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Vehicle recycling

Professional recycling solutions

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Plastic recycling

A real alternative to primary raw materials

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E-waste recycling

Recyclables in high demand

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„The reliable supply of industrial raw materials is an essential aspect of the German economy. At this stage, we have made a significant contribution to the recycling industry for over 50 years, maintaining a family run business.”

Dr Eric Schweitzer, CEO of ALBA Group