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Sustainability through responsibility

Setting the course for change: from waste disposal to raw materials

The world is changing fast. The ever-increasing scarcity of resources, the strain on our environment and climate and the shifting demographic all have a profound impact on our lives. Only a sustainable economy, one which accounts for environmental and social considerations as well as economic needs, can have a long-term future.

As a leading environmental service provider and raw materials supplier, we see it as our duty to help promote sustainable development. We're meeting this obligation by focusing on our core competency, countering the expansive consumption of raw materials with alternative strategies that combine high-quality recycling, environmental protection and resource conservation.

Our aim is to make Germany a raw materials hub that feeds valuable resources back into the recycling loop, and that is ideally capable of supplying secondary raw materials not only to its domestic industry, but to other nations as well. 

We're working with industry and the retail sector to develop innovative concepts that result in the responsible, environmentally sound use of materials in all production and consumption processes, pointing the way to true product responsibility.

Furthermore, our sense of social responsibility extends beyond our business activities. We're committed to educating children and teenagers about the environment, and promote both social and sports facilities and initiatives. We're concerned less with boosting our own image, and more with commitment - the kind that generates long-term impact and lasting change.

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Rudi Recycle

Promoting resource conservation, battling waste incineration

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