Expert staff on-site

Combining service and specialist staff

Taking care of cleaning and waste management is quite a challenge, whether you're a consumer or a business, and whether it involves clearing out a private household, giving new buildings a final clean, or garden maintenance. The ALBA Group offers skilled support, providing specialists to assist with clear-outs, with the operations at a waste disposal site, or with disposing of waste at a major event. And we're always on standby to help manufacturers, retailers or private individuals optimise their waste management processes.

Expert waste management - this is how it's done

Fachgerechte Entsorgung

Our specialists ensure every project complies with current statutory provisions. Add to this the on-site expertise and custom-tailored technical solutions they provide, and you can be certain you'll get the service you need. Whether you require expert logistics for litter bins, maintenance services for streets, paths, car parks and green areas, or someone to manage collection at waste disposal sites - all these services will be delivered quickly, reliably and cost-effectively.


Would you like specialists to take on your real estate cleaning or waste sorting jobs, or to handle hazardous substances for you? Our comprehensive service package includes the provision of waste management professionals throughout Germany. We'll be happy to advise you further - to learn more, just get in touch.