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Recycling – where economic and environmental interests meet

Nothing is more important to our planet's prosperity than natural resources. By 2020, the world is expected to be home to nine billion people - over two billion more than today. All of them will require water, energy and raw materials. Even today, it is clear that unless we can become significantly more resource-efficient, we will not be able to close the gap between rich and poor, or sustain our current standard of living.

One key to becoming more resource-efficient is to reuse raw materials. We must move away from simply disposing of waste, and towards an economy that returns substances and materials to the recycling loop wherever possible - a paradigm shift embedded throughout the ALBA business portfolio.

In doing so, we're demonstrating that economic and environmental interests are not at odds with one another. We offer manufacturers and retailers cost-effective, practical solutions for ensuring compliance with statutory provisions. We're supplying industry with valuable recycled materials, thereby reducing their reliance on scarce raw material reserves. In short, we're helping conserve not only natural resources, but also our environment and climate.


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