Sustainability through independent consultancy

With raw material supplies at crisis point and energy policies changing, remaining competitive is a real challenge. That's why many companies in industry, retail and the service sector have developed sustainability strategies with a view to boosting their resource efficiency and energy efficiency. Specialists from the ALBA Group are on hand to help these companies draw up and implement future-proof concepts. As part of their consultancy services, they are able to draw on a wealth of expert knowledge, allowing them to devise effective, fast and cost-efficient ways for companies to achieve their corporate environmental objectives.

From vision to reality


With the big picture always firmly in view, our recycling experts assess company structures, inventory data and balance sheets to provide holistic, integrated advice. Whether it's for private companies or the public sector, we uncover the key areas where organisations can improve their efficiency and sustainability - from cutting energy consumption, to reducing waste generation, to material flow management.

We provide tailored consultancy services to help private companies and public sector organisations become more energy-efficient and resource-efficient in the long term - all with a view to uncoupling growth and raw materials consumption. Learn more about our range of consultancy services.

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