Energy management: harnessing potential savings

Strategies for resource-efficient energy consumption

While it has long been essential for companies to consider their consumption of electricity, gas and other forms of energy when looking at their accounts, energy efficiency is becoming an increasingly hot topic. Businesses are calling for cost-efficient concepts that cut consumption while remaining environmentally friendly. With this in mind, specialists from the ALBA Group offer personalised consultancy services for tailored energy management.

Professional tools for optimising demand

Our systematic methods of analysis are designed to identify and exploit potential savings in operational and administrative departments. Particular emphasis is given to savings in electricity, gas and heat energy, with much attention also being paid to optimising compressed air consumption at manufacturers.


Spotlight on holistic quality management

In addition to analysis and procurement concepts for strongly fluctuating energy requirements, our service package also covers the introduction of an energy management system that complies with DIN EN ISO 50001. This international standard offers companies a guideline for implementing their energy efficiency and procurement measures in an environmentally friendly, resource-efficient way.

Reducing Energy Consumption, Cutting Costs, Protecting Resources.
ALBA services energy management at a glance

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Would you like to optimise your company's energy consumption or procurement? We offer a comprehensive consultancy service for energy management - just get in touch.