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ALBA SE is the intermediate holding company within the ALBA Group. After the control and profit transfer agreement which came into effect in 2011 between ALBA SE (formerly INTERSEROH SE) and the ALBA Group plc & Co. KG as the controlling organisation, the strategy of the two brands – ALBA and Interseroh – will continue to be implemented under the umbrella of the ALBA Group.

ALBA SE - Intermediate holding company within the ALBA Group

ALBA SE is the intermediate holding company within the ALBA Group.


Thorsten Greb, Managing Director of ALBA SE

The managing director of ALBA SE is Thorsten Greb. He conducts the affairs of the society by implementing the principles and guidelines, which are prepared by the administrative board.

Board members of ALBA SE

The board directs the ALBA SE, determines the baselines of their activities and monitors their implementation. It acts in accordance with applicable law, the articles of association of the company and its rules of procedure. The administrative board monitors the work ot the managing director.

Dirk Beuth (Berlin), Chairman of the Administrative Board
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Michaela Vorreiter-Wahner (Berlin), Member of the Administrative Board
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Thorsten Greb (Berlin), Executive Director
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Fundamentals of ALBA SE-share

The ALBA SE-share is quoted on the regulated markets in Frankfurt and Dusseldorf as well as on the regulated unofficial markets in Stuttgart, Munich, Hamburg and Berlin.

Dividend of the ALBA SE-share

ALBA SE and ALBA Group plc & Co. KG, Berlin, entered into a control and profit and loss transfer agreement in 2011. Under the agreement, outside shareholders receive a compensation payment in a gross amount of €4.91 per ALBA SE share for each full financial year, less corporate tax and solidarity surcharge at the prevailing rates. The shares held by ALBA Group plc & Co. KG and the control and profit and loss transfer agreement between ALBA SE and ALBA Group plc & Co. KG were transferred to ALBA Europe Holding plc & Co. KG, Berlin, on 27 March 2019. This is a wholly owned subsidiary of ALBA Group plc & Co. KG.

The payment is made on the first working day following each Annual General Meeting.

ISIN: DE0006209901
Securities identification number: 620990
Security type: Inlandsaktie, Inhaberaktie
Financial year: 31.12.
Notifiable shareholders: According to § 34, Par. 1, No. 1 of the German Securities Trading Act (WpHG), a total of 94,434 percent of the shares are attributable to Dr Axel Schweitzer; Berlin, and Dr Eric Schweitzer, Berlin.
Float: 5,566 %
Par value: 2,60 EUR
Shares: 9,84 Mio.
Ticker symbol: ABA
Bloomberg Code: ABA:GR
Reuters Code:

Investor relations contact at ALBA SE

Should you have any questions or need further information, we will gladly be of help to you personally.


Henning Krumrey

Head of Investor Relations

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