Raw materials – the basis for industrial value creation

Raw materials from a source that never runs dry

Raw materials are the basis for every industry, making up around a third of all goods traded on the international market. The global scarcity of fossil resources has serious consequences for the economy as a whole, but particularly for countries like Germany with relatively few raw materials of their own. That’s why, now more than ever, it is vital to return materials to the recycling loop efficiently.


The Germany recycling industry is famed the world over. And with good reason: The secondary raw materials industry is already providing a good 14 per cent of the materials used in Germany, and that figure is rising. 40 per cent of all metals produced in Germany are made from recycling material, the German Agency for Raw Materials (Deutsche Rohstoffagentur DERA) says; for aluminium, it’s already nearly 55 per cent. That shows the importance to close the loop.


Used glass

The ultimate recycling material

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Waste wood

Using renewable resources sustainably

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Waste paper

Recyled locally, sold globally

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Construction materials

From rubble to raw material

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Ferrous metals

The world needs steel

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Recyclables in high demand

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Organische Stoffe

Organic waste

Making fertiliser and energy from green and biowaste

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Substitute fuels

Resource-efficient energy generation

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Non-ferrous metals

Adapted to customers needs

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Residual waste

Recycling concepts at the end of the value creation chain

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