Non-ferrous metals: unmixed materials for industry

Adapted to customers needs

Like their ferrous cousins, non-ferrous metals such as copper or brass can be recycled as many times as desired with almost no loss of quality. Reusing them conserves already scarce resources, making a vital contribution to environmental protection. The metal specialists at ALBA Group sort these valuable secondary raw materials thoroughly, process them in line with customers' requirements and supply them directly to the international market - closing the material recycling loop.


From A for aluminium to Z for zinc

Non-ferrous metals such as aluminium, lead, copper, nickel, tungsten carbide or zinc have a variety of properties and are suitable for a wide range of applications. ALBA Group can supply raw materials of varying quality levels, and to extremely precise metallurgical and physical specifications, thereby meeting the very specific requirements of each customer.

From old saucepans to machine components - regardless of the metal's original form, and whether it comes from private households or manufacturing plants, the specialists at ALBA Group expertly analyse non-ferrous metal scrap and process it for straightforward reuse in industry as a secondary raw material. The entire process requires only one tenth of the energy needed to extract primary metals. Our international customers in Germany, Europe and Asia have learned to appreciate the comprehensive range of products and services available from ALBA Group.

ALBA Group is one of the world's leading providers of non-ferrous metals, supplying secondary raw materials around the world, to any quality level our customers request.

Stainless steels and special alloys to meet the customer's needs

Whenever special demands are placed on materials - where they need to be corrosion resistant, for example, or to offer high levels of elasticity or electrical resistance - the industrial sector looks to stainless steel. To change the physical and chemical properties of steel, a variety of alloy metals can be added during production, including chrome, nickel or cobalt. ALBA Group supplies various types of alloy scrap to extremely high quality levels.

From production waste to old sinks, tanks and containers and fittings, the stainless steels and special alloys available from ALBA Group companies are pooled efficiently and marketed internationally. ALBA Group expertly processes the material at its facilities, in line with each customer's specific requirements. In terms of logistics, the company has excellent sea, road and rail connections and is therefore able to respond to customers' requests quickly, flexibly and reliably.

ALBA Group is an expert, reliable partner for trading internationally in non-ferrous metals, in stainless steels and special alloys - to find out more, just get in touch.

ALBA Group is an expert, reliable partner for trading internationally in non-ferrous metals, in stainless steels and special alloys - to find out more, just get in touch.

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