Putting waste wood to good use

Using renewable resources sustainably

Local authorities, businesses and the wood processing industry all generate millions of tons of waste wood every year. There is also production waste, from sources like sawmills. Yet waste and scrap wood are valuable renewable resources. High-quality woods can be processed into consistent, robust materials suitable for a variety of applications - for use in making press boards, for example. Meanwhile, lower-quality or contaminated wood is used mainly as an energy source in wood-fired CHP plants. But whether it involves recycling materials or the extraction of carbon-neutral fuels, the reuse of waste wood makes a valuable contribution to protecting the environment and our forests.

High-quality waste wood recyclates guaranteed

Recycling and trading waste wood, ALBA Group is one of the important suppliers of the processing industry. In Berlin, we run our biggest site for wood recycling with a capacity of 100,000 tons.

Altholz Recycling

The waste wood is processed according to individual customer specifications in the exact quantity and quality required, so that it can be used directly in manufacturing or energy generation. Here's an overview of our services:

  • Accepting waste wood of every quality
  • Wood processing in line with customer requirements, and supplying companies in the wood materials industry and biomass power plants
  • Consultancy, transport, sales, documentation

Thanks to our certified wood processing sites, we have comprehensive capacity and expertise in the receipt, processing and sale of waste wood. We'll be happy to advise you - just get in touch.

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