Tips for applicants

“In your application, refer to the advertisement and clearly describe why you are the right candidate for the job.”

Jasmina Liebig, Personnel Development and Recruiting Officer

“Give your CV a good, clear structure. Stand out with the right skills rather than with fancy layout. Job descriptions in your CV help to give a good idea about you.”

Yvonne Jungk, Team Leader North, Personnel Development and Recruiting

“Be authentic in the interview and always keep sight of your goals and values. Don’t try to appear perfect, because the purpose of the interview is to get to know each other.”

Renee Loebnau, Personnel Development and Recruiting Officer

“Take all your questions along with you to the interview. That’s your opportunity to get to know the ALBA Group.”

Rolf Nagl, Personnel Development and Recruiting Officer

The optimal application

Formally correct, persuasive and with personal commitment

Your application gives us a first impression of you as an applicant, so we have the best tips on how to apply. It is important that your application be convincing as well as the correct type. Carefully read through our tips on applying in order to optimise your application.

Which position should I apply for, and why?

The most decisive aspect of your application is that all information about you is presented as attractively and completely as possible. This includes:

  • Cover letter (about one page)
  • Personal data sheet
  • Employment and training certificates
  • School-leaving certificate and other school records
  • Certificates for additional qualifications

Why is the cover letter so important?

The cover letter should convey to us why you are the right one for the particular position you are seeking. In it, you should answer the following questions:

  • Why are you applying for this position?
  • Why are you applying to work with the ALBA Group?
  • Do you possess any qualifications beyond those required by the job description?

What should be included on my personal data sheet?

Your personal data sheet, or resume, gives us all the important information about your life, studies, and work experience. Ideally, a consistent direction toward the position you are seeking will emerge from your personal data sheet.

How should I prepare for my upcoming interview?

The personal interview serves as an opportunity for you and us to answer any open questions. In order that both sides can go into the interview armed with clear objectives, please inform yourself beforehand in detail about the ALBA Group and the job profile for the position.

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