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Why wait until you finish your degree before starting your career? If you already know your career goal, you can begin turning your plans into reality today. An internship is often the first step towards a career in the ALBA Group. It is an ideal way to get to know the corporate culture and day-to-day business life at ALBA or Interseroh. You also have the chance to work independently on projects in your department. We support you with fair pay and help you to find a place in a highly capable team.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for Internships

Internships at the ALBA Group

What is valued most in an applicant by the ALBA Group?

When we select new employees, entrepreneurial thought and action are especially important to us. Beginning level work experience, through training or student internships, is desirable. The most interesting candidates stand out for their personal initiative, assertiveness, and strong motivation to get things done. The most important requirement for your success is that you yourself become active.

How important is it to have previous work experience in the industry?

For an internship at the ALBA Group, previous experience in the industry is not a necessity. We are certain that within a short amount of time, you will have become familiar with our business, and will be enthusiastically helping to shape the dynamic growth of the company.

How may I apply for a position at the ALBA Group?

You may apply via our online job portal. In the description of the position, just click “apply online”.

Which file formats may be used to send documents?

Please send in your documents formatted as PDF, JPEG, or Word files, up to 2 MB.

Is it better to apply online or mail in a written application?

Please apply only using our online job portal. This insures that your application will be directed to the right person or persons, and subsequently processed quickly and efficiently.

How should my application look?

Your application must be complete with a cover letter, your personal data sheet in tabulated form (resume), school certificates, and any training certificates you may have.

What pre-requisites must I have in order to apply?

You must be registered as a college or university student and be interested in learning and making a difference.

To whom do I address my application?

In general, each position gives the name of a contact person to whom you may address your application. In other instances, please address your application to the company offering the position you wish to apply for. When in doubt, one of our staff will be glad to assist you by telephone.

What kind of selection process does ALBA Group utilise?

After your application is submitted via our online job portal, we will send you written confirmation that we received it. After a thorough evaluation of all application documents we have received, we will select a small number of students with whom departmental interviews will be conducted.

When is the earliest starting date for positions that do not mention an exact calendar date?

In general, no earlier than first day of the following month. The actual start date will be agreed on between the department and the student selected for the position.

When can I expect to receive a response to my application?

As soon as your materials are submitted to us, we will send you written confirmation. After this point, we will do all we can to process your application as quickly as possible. Because your application must carefully reviewed by a number of individuals and departments, however, it may take some time before we can send you a response.

I have already applied – may I re-apply / apply one more time?

If you have not made it through our selection process, you may apply again, provided you fulfil the requirements and are so motivated.

Are the job offerings up to date?

All positions advertised on our homepage are updated regularly.

Is it possible for me to write my final thesis during my internship at the ALBA Group?

Thesis projects are very welcome at the ALBA Group, within a three-month long internship in the consortium. This provides you with the opportunity to define and develop your thesis with input from the department.

May I join the ALBA Group as a working student?

It is possible to be a working student at the ALBA Group, although this is primarily reserved for students who have already completed an internship in our company.