Spotlight on ferrous metals

The world needs steel

Ferrous metals are among the world's most important industrial materials. 2017 alone saw the production of around 1.7 billion tons of steel - most of it from secondary raw materials. Worldwide, scrap metal made up 40 percent of steel production. In Europe, the figure was even higher. And the higher the percentage of scrap metal per ton, the lower the greenhouse gas emissions.

More than just scrap

After use, ferrous metals can be used again and again to make new products - hence their reputation as "everlasting" materials. This is also why, alongside iron ore itself, steel scrap is the most important raw material in the steel industry. ALBA Group processes scrap steel to all standards of quality or in accordance with customer requirements, then sells these metal materials around the world. Our customers include steelworks and foundries in Germany and worldwide. We deal in raw materials ranging from steel scrap in accordance with the European Steel Scrap Specification to used metal and foundry scrap.


When processing steel scrap, ALBA follows the European Steel Scrap Specification, which dictates metal quality and composition. It distinguishes between new scrap generated during manufacturing - for example, punched scrap, shavings or sheets - and old scrap from worn-out consumer or industrial goods. ALBA can accept both types in large quantities and, depending on a customer's requirements, can deliver light or heavy densities, shredded scrap, shavings or scrap bundles.

Used metal and foundry scrap - cost-effective and environmentally friendly

ALBA is a major recycler and seller of used metal, offering ready-to-use piledriving materials and steel sheet pile walls, and supplying customers with high-quality foundry scrap. From steel bands from surplus production to dismantled storage tanks, used or downgrade steel can still be put to good use - and is an environmentally sound, cost-effective production alternative to virgin materials. The ALBA Group specialists have the necessary expertise to assess the starting product safely and ensure that the customer's specifications are met precisely.

Stahlschrott Schiff

To meet the specific requirements of hydraulic and civil engineering, ALBA also supplies new and used piledriving materials and steel sheet pile walls, fulfilling even last-minute orders smoothly thanks to quick delivery channels and smart logistics. We also use computer-assisted materials identification. As a result, clear information - for example, the material length or grade of steel - can be allocated to each individual item.

Top-quality logistics

In international retail, reliable, timely delivery is vital. Products are transported in lorries, by rail and by ship. Thanks to ALBA’s high-performance logistics network, our experts are constantly able to maintain the material flows required by our international customers.

The latest technology. Sustainable processing.
ALBA services steel and metals recycling at a glance

Interseroh: Steel and Metals Recycling at the ALBA Group


ALBA is an experienced international dealer in used metal and foundry scrap. We cover the entire range - for more information, just get in touch.

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