Keeping it green

Resource-efficient energy generation

For a long time, residual waste had a bad reputation: incineration or dumping were seen as the only ways of dealing with commercial and household residual waste. But there are other options, as demonstrated by the experts at the ALBA Group - such as the mechanical-physical stabilisation (MPS) process we have developed in-house. Designed to extract substitute fuels from residual household waste, this innovative recycling method is deployed in two Berlin-based plants run jointly by the ALBA Group and the public waste management and street cleaning firm Berliner Stadtreinigungsbetriebe (BSR).

Tailor-made solutions for industrial fuels


The so-called "green coal" produced in these plants is made from the combustible elements in the residual waste, which are meticulously sorted and then processed. Three different types are available, as required: hard pellets, soft pellets or "fluff". These differ in terms of material density and therefore burning time - what they all share, however, is a high fuel value. In addition to green coal, ALBA also turns commercial waste into substitute fuels at other sites in Germany.

For customers such as power plants and cement manufacturers, green fuels offer a viable alternative to coal, oil or gas, conserving natural resources. And unlike established primary fuels, substitute fuels combine energy generation with eco-friendly waste disposal, which helps reduce carbon emissions too.

The ALBA Group is an expert in extracting valuable substitute fuels from residual waste. If you're looking for a cost-efficient, sustainable alternative to brown coal and other fossil fuels, just get in touch.

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