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School students – the specialists of the future

Vocational training – the foundation for professional success

Our apprentices are the specialist staff of the future. For any school-leaver, the key requirement for a good job and a successful future is first-rate vocational training, which is why the ALBA Group attaches such importance to training up tomorrow's specialists. The training on offer covers a wide range of occupations in a variety of departments within the ALBA Group, focusing mainly on practical relevance and high quality standards. Right from the start, apprentices are involved in the day-to-day business and current projects of each respective department - the ideal preparation for potentially working in challenging areas of responsibility.

Detailed information about apprenticeships or sandwich courses within the ALBA Group can be found by clicking on the appropriate key words. Take a look at first-hand accounts from apprentices and students at the ALBA Group about the experiences they have had.

Next starting dates: 1 August/1 September 2019

“It is simply a great team to be in. Because of that I’m especially pleased that I’m being taken on at the end of my training.” 

Alexander Eßer, trainee wholesale and foreign trade assistant in Cologne 

“What I enjoy most is driving the forklift. Shifting loads from one place to another that there’s no way I could lift on my own is quite something.”

Benedict Baumgartl, trainee warehouse operator in Metzingen

“From the start of my training I’ve been able to drive out to customers in the various different trucks on my own.”

Toni Terner, trainee driver in Berlin

Training with the ALBA Group


Every year, around 85 young adults start their vocational training at the ALBA Group. This will usually last three years. We place particular emphasis on providing uniform, high-quality training throughout Germany, in every ALBA Group subsidiary and location. The chances of being taken on after training are excellent: in general, around 75 per cent of apprentices are offered a job within the Group in any given year. We intend to keep raising the number of available apprenticeships, giving young people an entry point into a job with the potential to turn into a career and thereby providing them with long-term professional prospects.


The average length of an apprenticeship is three years, beginning either in August or September in any given year. Alongside their operational training, apprentices attend a vocational school, where they are introduced to a range of vocational disciplines and taught theoretical knowledge - the ideal preparation for the jobs they will go on to do.


Driver (m/f/d)

Just the job if you enjoy driving

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Vehicle mechatronics (m/f/d)

Ideal training opportunity for the technically skilled

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Warehouse logistics operator (m/f/d)

Varied training for big-picture organisers

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Office management (m/f/d)

The interface between operations and customers

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Industry (m/f/d)

Varied training for talented organisers

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Wholesale and international trading (m/f/d)

Training with an international perspective

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Sandwich courses

Setting high standards for your career

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) for students

Combined study/training program at the ALBA Group

When is the application deadline for the combined program?

We recommend that you send in your application as early as possible. We are happy to accept your applications up to a year in advance of the program starting date (e.g., after October/November 2014 for a program beginning in October 2015).

What are the required educational qualifications?

The educational pre-requisites vary depending on the direction of study: for all of our courses of study, you will need a general qualification for university entrance (A-levels or high school diploma).

When does the program of study begin, and how long will it last?

The study program begins every October 1, and lasts for three years.

How are the practical segments organised?

In the practical segments, you will directly implement what you have learned in the co-op program in collaborative projects and independent research. Early on, you will have a chance to get to know the corporate culture, business operations, and corporate objectives of the ALBA Group.

How long is the vocational training program?

There is no fixed, uniform period of time set for vocational training programs. They vary according to vocational trade, prior knowledge, schooling, and level of performance during training. In general, however, combined vocational programs in Germany are between two and three and a half years long.

Can my training period be shortened?

In principle, an abbreviated training period is possible, if you possess a level of education that is higher than required. High school graduates, independent of type of training program, may shorten it by half a year as appropriate, and up to a whole year is possible for those qualified for university study. Above-average grades earned during the vocational training program can also be used to cut down on the length of time required. Similarly, extensions may be granted in the event of illness.

How much will I be paid during the training?

The level of pay is based on recommendations from the chamber of commerce. The exact amount is also dependent up on which company you are employed by within the ALBA Group.

What are the chances of permanent employment?

The changes of employment following your training are very good. Typically, more than 70% of trainees are hired every year.

Can one also do a student internship in your company?

Student internships are always welcome within the ALBA Group. Every year, we offer a number of students the chance to complete an internship.

How may I apply for a position at the ALBA Group that requires formal training?

You may apply via our online job portal. In the description of the position, just click “apply online”.

Which file formats can be used to send documents?

Please send in your documents formatted as PDF, JPEG, or Word files, up to 2 MB.

Is it better to apply online or mail in a written application?

Please apply only using our online job portal. This insures that your application will be directed to the right person or persons, and subsequently processed quickly and efficiently.

How should my application look?

Your application must be complete with a cover letter, your personal data sheet in tabulated form (resume), school certificates, and any training certificates you may have.

When is the application deadline for a training position?

We recommend that you send in your application as early as possible. We are happy to accept your applications up to a year in advance of the program starting date (e.g., after October/November 2014 for a program beginning in October 2015).

To whom do I address my application?

In general, each position gives the name of a contact person to whom you may address your application. In other instances, please address your application to the company offering the position you wish to apply for. When in doubt, one of our staff will gladly assist you by telephone.

I have already sent in an application – may I re-apply or apply at another time?

If you did not make it through the selection process, you may apply again, provided you fulfil the requirements and are motivated.

What kind of selection process does ALBA Group utilise?

After your application is submitted via our online job portal, we will send you confirmation that we received it. After a thorough evaluation of all application documents, we will select a small number of applicants who will be invited to a personal interview at the training division.